Payment Philosophy

How it Works

Ageless Fitness is committed to making our programs available to everyone. Therefore, you decide what to pay in the same spirit as a donation depending on your life situation.

The dollar amounts below are suggested donations according to your:

  1. Current financial circumstances
  2. Your perceived value of the classes for your well-being
  3. Your Heart

Pay for a single class

  • $12
  • $8
  • $1

Pay for a month of unlimited classes

(like a subscription for all classes – excluding personal training)

  • $89
  • $69
  • $49

Pay on the class page of our website (Just Breathe classes, Tai Chi, or Ageless Athlete), or send money via PayPal to, and fill out the form to receive the class Zoom link.

Credit cards are accepted on our site, or payments can be made via PayPal. Even checks are accepted, if necessary.