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Get personalized, lasting results with a one-on-one approach to personal training. Whether you’re a former athlete, a casual runner, or someone who has never set foot in a gym, we will work together to find a solution that fits your goals.

Sessions are available in-person in your home or online via Zoom, and training programs are created for both at-home and gym workouts.

A complimentary consultation is available to discuss your fitness goals and to discuss initial steps.

John is the difference in my well-being! I am a 68 year old woman that
has been working out with John for over 20 years. John has constantly challenged me to be
my best, whether it is lifting weights, stretching, sprints on my bike,
or simply breathing and meditating. His guidance and coaching have kept me doing the things
I love, such as skiing, playing tennis, biking and hiking.  
I highly recommend John to challenge you to be your best!


What to expect

John has 30 years of experience as a personal trainer. He has earned instructor certifications in the following disciplines: Personal Training, Spinning, Mind-Body Personal Trainer, Tai Chi Level 1, Tai Chi Level 2, Yoga Level 1, Pilates Level 1, and Functional Chain Reaction (functional fitness). He has refined the art of working out to get maximum results in minimal time. He will show you a new way of training that most people are not aware of. Three examples of what John will teach you are:

1. How to get more benefit from a ½ hour workout than you ever got from an hour.

2. How to build your strongest core, ever (including the low back) without doing another crunch or sit-up or ab machine rep again, ever.  
3. Eliminating potentially harmful, non-essential, waste of time exercises that have no scientific validity. John specializes in functional fitness, i.e., training the body, mind and spirit for the demands of life, work, and play. Improved strength, power, balance, agility, and peace of mind for all ages are the results.    


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There are three types of payment options for personal training.

  1. Pay as you go: $200/hour session
  1. Pre-pay discount: $150/hour for 5 sessions*
  1. Pre-pay discount: $100/hour for 10 sessions**

One-time sessions and pre-paid packages are available for purchase.

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